Hey people,

Im trying to change the look of my site and i dont know how... the site is http://www.yourmasterclan.com/.

I would like the put a picture in the backround of the site and then in the module sections and stuff have another picture faded away or have a different colour.

Also i would like to change the banner on the top to a banner i made...


if you can please contact me at email removed by moderator -the 0 are zero's
I have MSN so you can add me if ya want!



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Are you using dream weaver? if so right click the page and click the background tag.. andf then put [the name of your image folder]\[imagename.not forgetting image file extention]
If not use this in the body tag
<body background=images/backgroundimageyouwant.jpg"> or if the html files are in a sub folder of their own
<body background=../images/backgroundimageyouwant.jpg"> (double dots go to root level)

im not too sure... all i know is it says PHP-Nuke at the top and i have c-panel etc.. and it doesnt really give me a place to change it... or not that i have found.


do you have information somewhere on how to ftp into your site? you would probably be looking for the template files.

It looks like you are using a "theme" that pre-determines the entire look of your site with/through PHP-Nuke.

I looked at the source code and the background code is as follows:

So, looking at this you need to access your server, find the folder called themes, inside will be the folder plasmatech, inside that will be the folder images and inside that will be the background graphic called bg.jpg.

If you already have a new background image ready, you could simply rename it bg.jpg and copy it to the images folder mentioned above.

Remember to rename the bg.jpg file that is currently there to something like bgold.jpg, just incase your new image doesn't look right. You can then simply change the name of the original file back to bg.jpg

Does that help, or did I just confuse me?

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