My place of employment would like me to block the windows games from people’s computers due to them playing while there are calls waiting to be answered. I have tried setting the group policy for their group using "Do not run specified windows applications" and adding the appropriate information. But that did not work, so then I tried setting that same policy for the entire domain, restarted a few of the cpus and the games were still all working through explorer and the start menu... i have searched the web and talked to a few people, they all suggested what i did. But it seems like no one has ever really tried to block the games. I have asked some pretty intelligent people about this that know way more then i do, but it is almost to simple that it is over there heads... if any one could help, it would be greatly appreciated... clients are all win2000 pro, I have tried forcing the group policy as well, running win2000 server. Thanks in Advance....

Have you checked in secpol.msc (system32 folder) for any local settings that might work. I am at home now, so can't check (XP Home $&*?)

Sometimes group policy doesn't overwrite local policy, I found that recently.


Technology will not solve a social problem.

There are a couple things that you can do to force the issue of the game problem (assuming all are within the web browsers)

* A week before you implement, record the dns name of the various game sites that your people go to. Get a list of the top 10 or 20 game sites.

* Switch over your internet access to one that requires a login. This means an authenticated proxy service, or a firewall approach that requires login. Release with an official statement from HR that Internet Gaming is forbidden, and tell them about the logging, and let them know they are being watched.

* Have HR determine a firing decision on the gaming. If the people are caught a couple times at the location, then they get called in, and their seat is givien to someone new.

* Decide if your employees even NEED internet access. If they don't have a business functional need, then kill it off.

* Re-configure DNS so that the top 20 game sites your people visit all go somewhere else, such as to an internal corporate "your game site is down, and we have recorded your attempts" location.

NOTE THAT YOU will have to have some key people on board: HR, the CIO, your Boss, and others in the organization that may have the power to weaken your initiatives. It sounds to me that you are trying to change the culture of the organization, and unless you are some senior executive, you cannot do this on your own. Get things in writing, on paper, so that if you have to defend your actions, you have authorization to do so.


Sorry i wasnt specific with what games, its not any internet games, its solitare, and minesweeper, and freecell, all the windows games I want to block, they are all already blocked from the internet except for a few certain sites that they need to goto...

Ok never mind, just figured it out, was typing the whole path in the window were u add such as %systemroot%\system32\sol.exe, when all u need to put in there is just "sol.exe, freecell.exe" no need for the path...

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