Working on a complete re-design, and man, they needed it. All flash site, with terrible clip art, etc...

Worse, their logo looks like it was designed on the VIC-20, and is really clipart-ish looking.

The want to continue to use it. How do I tell them it's terrible, in a politically correct kind of way? Not only that, but I don't want my redesign to show such aweful graphics.

Need advice. Thanks!

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A little diplomacy goes a long way. Perhaps you could do a few mockups for the logo replacement. When your client sees the improvements then their affinity to their older logo may fade away. As a professional it is your place to direct your client to options that will in the end enhance their image.

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You're in charge of web design, so in the context of that, you could suggest that the current logo is not fit for purpose or doesn't fit in with the site, or "it's looking a little dated". The problem is of course that the company may have stationary, signs, etc with that old logo and may not be too keen on providing a confused message (if 2 logos have to co-exist for some time).

Perhaps getting some early feedback from an user group (outside the company) and feeding it back to the company itself may be useful? Maybe too much work.

I've provided 8 professionaly designed logo concept designs, at least 4 of them are very cool - modern, etc. Their comment was the designs were great, they were just "used to" seeing their current logo...they are just used to

I'm a bit nervous about the website now. But thanks for the feedback.

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I'm a bit nervous about the website now

Heh heh - they'll be wanting tables for layout and for you to keep all those flash bits and animated gifs :) - oh and support for IE5

"Your current logo does not display well on handheld devices, you should consider updating it to capture this expanding market"
(If bs were music, the above would be brahms' lullaby but BS works when logic doesnt)

I've gotten them to at least take a look at a few concept re-designs of their current logo - same logo, fresh new look - we'll see what happens ;-)

Thanks all!

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