I have a background image on my homepage that is partially cut out whenever I use Google Chrome. Sometimes it's just a corner and sometimes half the top. I have the height set to the correct size. Looks fine in Safari and Firefox. Validates fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? http://www.movingpoets.org

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Just write width 100% to body section


Thanks so much for your respnse. I added that and it did not work. I also added height: 100% for the backgrond image. It worked the first 4 times I loaded the page, but now it isn't working anymore. Any other suggestions? thanks!

Could you provide a screenshot of it looking "wrong"? It looks OK to me, the edges will always be cut off if the window size is changed... is that what you are doing?

Absolutely. Here it is. Thanks! a47adeabcf070050880a2de93a80a87d

Here it is after I refresh the screen... fb713fb1256fa06130859a43d1dd9d9c

I accessed your site using Chrome and it looks fine. I didnt have to refresh the screen.

Now, before accessing your site, i did hit F12 to bring up the dev tools (console log) in Chrome and it appears you have a problem with line 5 in your index page... and line 5 has to do with your attempt to detect chrome so it all sounds related.

Thanks JorgeM. I put that line in there hoping it would fix the problem. I found it as a possible solution when searching this forum. I'm pretty sure if I took it out, the problem would remain. It seems like it is a problem with Chrome that I will have to live with. I have looked at it on 3 different computers and usually the image is broken up but not always. I appreciate your repy. If anyone else has suggestions, I'm open. Thanks!

Capture.PNG css not loading could anyone help me out ?

Siju 1, this is not a case of css not loading. It seems your JavaScript and images are turned off. web pages will appear like this if your javascript and images are not on.

body {
    background-color: #111111;
    background-image: url(jpgs/moving_poets.jpg); height:986px;
    background-repeat: repeat-y;
    background-position:left bottom;
    width: 100%;    

try it without "height:986px;"

dammit I didn't notice this thread has been dead for a year

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