I need to make a bootstrap footer like the one on the bottom of this site http://drantipov.com/ . (I'm using Bootstrap v2.3.2. I'm using this version because my website looks compact and small - the way I need this. But when I try to use Bootstrap v3.3.5 - new version - I can't make the design that I need.) But I don't need it to be ".container-fluid", I want it be a responsive fixed width container - ".container". I don't want it to be sticky. I just need to know how to make those 3 columns with links. Without the column with the logo.
Can someone please help me?

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Have you looked at the underlying HTML and CSS? You can get the RELEVANT CSS from the browser's developer console.


Seems like this site is using bootstrap too. So should be easy to replicate. Having said that - please don't just copy/paste - try to understand what's going on and write your own stuff.

I've seen it. But it was biult with the new Bootstrap version. And I'm using version 2.3.2. The "col-xs-6" or classes like that don't work.

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