Please look at my jsfiddle here - . I know why the links won't work as the relative positioning I have used to create the link / menu backgrounds I want is covering the a element but I can't work out how to resolve the issue (having tried relative and z-index on the li and a elements, plus adding and extra div to span the a element using that to create the 'button' style background) but all to no avail.

Can anyone help?

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If you want the links not to work, using jQuery, when the click method is triggered, use the event.preventDefault(); method.

It seemed to work if you just remove the z-index on the <a>nchor tag. But, on the whole, I think you'd be better off assigning the background image to the <a>nchor tag instead of the <li>.

JorgeM - the point is that I DO want the links to work and they don't but I have sorted the problem now anyway

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