Hello sir , i am new to the web designing and i have developed a website using HTML and CSS ...it causes no problem in my system but after uploading the layout is not in proper arrangement in different system monitors...plz help me to solve this

Thanks for any help

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If you are using CSS, you need to set the width fixed or make it fluid to adjust according to the monitors.

Can you paste the html and css codes so we can analyze

Create a fixed set layout for your pages, this will fix it for you.

Best of luck

thank you for replys....but still i have problem..the website fit correctly in my labtop where i designed that but..not in desktop...plz help me..the website is

One of your problems is your nav bar. Since it has the attribute position: absolute, it won't flow with the rest of the content when you have screens of different sizes. You probably have this problem with other divs on the site as well. You can test this on your computer by simply resizing the browser window to simulate different screen sizes. Trying using relative positioning in CSS to help.

Just remove the position:absolute , top, left css attributes

height: 50px;
left: 380px;
position: absolute;
top: 110px;
width: 700px;


height: 50px;

width: 940px;

increase the width to 940 so it evenly spread as the wrap

I think you are using smaller resolution monitor to design.

Use Firefox or Chrome to design the site, you will encounter less problems thereafter

Have you tried to validate it? A lot of times there are errors you can't fix, there are also usually a lot you can. Could make a difference.
Check out the links about validation in my sig below.

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