I am trying to build a simple website consisting of only one big calendar where I can enter events. Simply like this site: http://www.fester.nu/ but a bit smoother.

Been looking around for some code because I haven’t learned HTML (yet) to make my life easier but that was a fail. Can some one here help me?

I have got Dreamweaver CC 2014 to code in.

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I think its fairly easy to implement an instance of "Full Calendar". http://fullcalendar.io/

its based on javascript and you can even connect it to a Google Calendar so its easy to add events and display them on your web page. However, it does require some knowledge of html and javascript.

Building a calendar in HTML is easy because you can use a table and just style is using CSS to draw the borders around each cell.

The more challenging part is having the ability to "enter events". I dont see how you are going to develop this without html, and js knowledge, at least some level of it.

I am trying to build a simple website [...] I haven’t learned HTML (yet)
Mmhh I see a problem, here. It's like I said: I want to prepare a simple lunch but I didn't learn to cook (yet). And what you're trying to do isn't simple at all. It involves html, css, javascript and mysql: four different languages (let's call them all this way) to do a calendar which allows you to add and delete events. There's a lot to learn before you can do it. And Dreamweaver doesn't make your life easier, it just make it wrong. If you want to be able to manage your website (mantaining it, modifying it, improving it) I suggest to leave Dreamweaver: download Notepad++ or PsPad or a wonderful and free IDE like Netbeans and learn to write html and css to start. Then you can add a bit of javascript, obviously using jquery (this will make your life easier a lot) and a bit of mysql. And when your website will be ready, you'll be able to know exactly what it does.
Good luck

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