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On this example page http://www.divepoint-samui.com/ I have an iframe:

<h3>Our Happy Clients</h3>
                <div class="clients-wrapper">
                    <iframe src="http://www.divessi.com/extern/recent_certs.php/766494/2" frameborder="0" name="Our Recent Diver Certifications" id="recentDivers" ></iframe>
                    <iframe src="http://www.divepoint-samui.com/ssi.php" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Is there a way, that I can format this iframe, and instead to having a vertical scrolling, to get a horizontal scrolling?

I can open and see the js source code, for the scroling effect, but how I can edit or override it?

Kindly Simon

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iframes - yuk! Do you really need these? Do you think that you could point us to the scripts you are using? Bit much to ask us to visit your page and then have to delve through all your code to find certain scripts and then delve into those again.

The only way to dynamically size an iframe is to let the frame load and at the end of the onload event make a call to the parent that returns the content's scrollHeight and scrollWidth.

You can do it the other way (by querying downward) but in my experience you get some serious timing issues with the layout because you can't guarantee that the CSS is applied when the iframe considers itself "loaded"

You will also have to set the actually height and width attributes on the iframe, as it will not accept CSS modifiers.

Sorry diafol, that I asked. I only put this here, also with this only one I have.
But yes, I see, there's now good way to ask and to do it. It is not me - like to have it, it is a customer from me, like to have it on the page from him - in the end.

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Not sure if I articulated my response clearly. I was trying to say that iframes are a right royal pain to work with and if you had an API or some way to get data from the source (e.g. cURL or similar) then you can do whatever you like with it - you are not constrained to the limitations and styling of the source. iframes from 'share this' are one thing, but setting up your own can be very tricky, especially if the source format/layout changes. The iframe has no idea of the content it contains so it can't be dynamically dimensioned. AFAIK.

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