Hi Everyone,

Some of the styles on my html page is coming only in chrome browser(not in firefox or IE) which I do no want. Using chrome browser developer tools when I tried to inspect them, I found a very strange thing, it is not showing the css source file name for the style.

Please find the developer tool pic below:


In the pic you can see that for class .app-background there is no source file showing up in developer tool.

Has anyone come across such situation? Any help or suggestions to remove these styles appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


At a guess, I'd bet that you accidentally used a class name that is also used by Developer Tools or some other add-on/plug-in.

Change the class name and I bet it fixes the problem.

commented: Yes changing class name worked :) Thanks! But I was wondering if there is a list of class names used by Developer tools and firebug so that next time I avoid using them. +1

I had same problem and their was Blank Space between foldername.
Make sure should be no space in filenames and foldernames.

I am finding this issue in many places in my app now :(

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