I have a JSFiddle with the code for the footer for my website. There are three containers. I need to remove the spaces between those containers. How can I do this?

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u need to find and edit in bootstrap-combined.min.css find the


or u can specify by ur self, but should give a id or class for ur div and add this


Okay. Thanks. I'll try this. But can you please specify which DIV exactly should I use?

add this in ur css file,

div .span4{

the .span4 is ur div class name, to avoid clash, dont use span4 as class name for other div

Okay. I did this. But it didn't work. I've changed "bottom" to "right" and instead of 10px, I did 20 px. And it worked. Thank you very much! I'm new to this, so thanks!

mark as solved if solved ya.

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