When I download an animated gif and open it, it runs slower then normal. Also when I make an animated gif in ULead Gif Animator (5) then I can never make a smooth animation (with tweening) somehow.

Look at the samples below.
After download:
Original (follow link then choose H.Simpson):
How come? I can't figure it out.
Another example. The moving block should move smoothly. But it doesn't.
In preview mode, it works great...
Feel free to download this gif and observe it when opening in an animation tool, to check it out for your self.

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What? The simpson animation works great in here. Nevertheless, when I right-click on it and save it to my desktop and run it from there it moves slower. I need definatly technical help on that.

And still don't know why my moving little square is moving choppy. I should move smooth.

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