Please cek this site: http://www.innovation.web.id/One/

I am having a problem with the textbox and textarea of the footer in different browser:

Browser Appearance

Firefox v
Chrome x
IE x
Safari x

I wonder why the size appears differently di different browser:


<div id="inside2">
<td style="width:90px;">Nama      :</td>
<td style="color: black;"><input type="text" name="nama" size="22"></td>
<td style="width:90px;">Message   :</td>
<td style="color: black;"><textarea rows="5" cols="19"></textarea></td>



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Here you go with inline styling again. We all have different screens so perhaps you should provide a composite sceenshot of what u see and what u would like to see. Is it supposed to be static size or responsive?

The textbox size appears differently in each browser type. It only looks neat in firefox. I expect the textbox size to be in equal width as the textarea size.

This is a responsive website.

I also have quick questions about bootstrap.

This is the tutorial for bootstrap grid system:
Grid Classes

The Bootstrap grid system has four classes:

xs (for phones)
sm (for tablets)
md (for desktops)
lg (for larger desktops)

It has 4 types of code for different container. So do I have to create 4 types of bootstrap websites for each container?

How does the computer knows which code to choose for each containers? Can it auto select which website folder it has to appears if it is for android or if it is for a desktop?


There is something strange here:

I thought by using bootstrap my website should appears different in cell phone (Android) compare to PC.

In PC browser my website is already liquid like it adjust to its container.

I wonder why in cell phone it does not. I thought it should be the same way!

Cek this out:

The first page: http://www.innovation.web.id/One2/ (I already use xs (for phones) )

It still appears like non-responsive website.

This one: http://www.innovation.web.id/One/ (I am using md (for desktops) ).

It only liquids on desktop but not on cell phone.


How to make a responsive website that is liquid on cell phone?

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Davy. Read the documentation on bootstrap. You do not have to create 4 diff sites. That.s the whole point. Please read the section on grids and responsive aites carefully. All the info is there.

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