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I never saw it, and did no research, but at the topt of my head I'd say: No.

But you can always split the word with something like:


not sure of the desired effect, but:
using css psuedo selectors styles can be applied automatically to certain parts of elements
breaking the word into <span class='1'>half</span><span class='2'>2ndhalf</span> can be applied manually,
or automatically with serverside wizardry beyond the scope of this question

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If you don't want any markup in your static text, then js is the only way I can think of.

http://codepen.io/FWeinb/pen/djuIx - is so cool - or so horrible - I can't make up my mind. Heh heh.

Applying to a word is quite easy with js, but... you want to apply it to half a character?

I'm starting to think about kerning and duplicating the letter somehow. Or some sort of masking.

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