I am working on a project and at the moment I need to include a link to a web page in my JSP (portal).The link is essentially an HTML page but the issue is that I am required to only display a table from the target page on my portal .In essence I will have a link to that page but when the link is clicked, only a table on the target page will be displayed.
My question is how can I have only a table form the link displayed as opposed to the normal convention of having the whole page displayed.?
Thank you in advance.

In short - you can't.

You could (and this is a long way around) pass a parameter through the link that is tested for in the receiving page. If it is found then css is used to set the values of the pieces of the page you don't want to see to display:none. Again, this is not advisable, as it lacks scalability/portability.

The best option is to generate the table in question on it's own page and link directly to that. If the data is being generated dynamically through the jsp then that shouldn't be to much of a problem.