Hello there. I've stumbled upon a minor problem with my site's overall performance. I want to demonstrate a clickable feed with reviews from my Google business account, accompanied with star rating. I understand that I can make a feed with screenshots of the comments and make those screenshots clickable, but maybe there is a more simple solution?

I'm not sure if Google offers the ability to show the entire feed of reviews on sites. But there are tons of third-party plugins that can do such a thing.

I see, you're talking about all those numerous plugins out there. But I'm not sure if it's safe, and, what is more important, I have absolutely no idea which one to choose. I've googled - there are dozens of review plugins in online stores.

Won't plugins slow down my site? Some additional functionality will not scare away users if the pages start to open slowly?

commented: Well, if the plugin is "complicated", it can. But you can always ask the developers and they can give you the information you need. +0

Well, thanks a lot for your help! I'll see what I can do with those you've mentioned. Btw are plugins easy to remove from website if I won't find them helpful?

As far as I understand, yes, there mustn't be any problems with removing them. But I recommend asking some skilled developer if you've got any doubts. Or you can always make a post here and someone will help for sure.

Thanks for the links, just happened to be looking for this and found it due to this page! thanks!

I think there might be some plugin that might solve your problem ..

commented: Please specify what plugins will solve the issue (post 1 year old!) -3
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