How do I speed up the WordPress site

Omar_17 commented: Use WP-ROCKET pro for light speed this site is selling for good price +0

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That site is not slow so I worry that you are just spamming.

commented: No, I just needed help. I have a weak phone version +0

Ugh, don't get me started on how horrible WordPress is for page speed. Looking at your site though, it's a billion times better than most! You haven't fallen into the trap of installing a billion plugins or using a heavy downloadable theme.

I checked your homepage out with Google PageSpeed Insights and it looks like your biggest delay is in the initial server response time. You're most likely on a shared web server, so that can sometimes cause issues depending on the other sites on the same server and how much traffic you get.

Also check out They have the same complaint that PageSpeed Insights has about your web server being the biggest bottleneck.

I see you're using Cloudflare. You might wish to use them to cache your HTML pages for non-logged in users. I believe with a Cloudflare Pro account, you can cache resources based on whether a cookie is present.

Good luck!

commented: Thanks for elaborating. The speed from my testing was very good for the hosting and such. +0

I forgot to mention, your site ranks very poorly for CLS! In fact, your poor cumulative layout shift score is most likely the reason you fail Google’s core web vitals assessment, now a speed factor in mobile searches.

You can improve this metric by setting fixed dimensions for every element on your pages, so every element has space waiting for it. This way, as things load, they aren’t shifting content around the page.

Good luck!

There are too many graphics on the site. The more graphics there are, the slower it will take to load. Spread the graphics out. Resize images so the images are smaller.

Speed optimization of a WordPress website is key to lead generation. Fast-loading websites are ranked higher by search engines, keep visitors interested, and make business more profitable.

Here’s how you can speed up your WordPress website:

Choose a better web hosting provider

  • Use a lightweight WordPress theme / framework
  • Reduce image sizes
  • Minify JS and CSS files
  • Use advanced caching mechanisms with a caching plugin
  • Use a CDN
  • Enable GZIP compression
  • Cleanup WordPress database
  • Deactivate or uninstall plugins

Start with optimizing images and reduce the size of image. It is better to do it by using wordpress plugin because doing it manually will take lots of time. You can use optimole or WP smush to do it. Also remove unused CSS files and JavaScript.

To speed up your wordpress site, you need to:

  • Compress the images
  • Disable unnecessary plugins
  • Enable GZIP compression

Install plugin for remove cache or remove unwanted Java script css.


I have checked your site speed score that shown well on desktop but you are losing on the mobile device. As you know, Now google gives preference to mobile-first indexing so you should work on the mobile speed-up score. You should try to improve the site for CLS that does not seem well right now. You should give a specific size to all the elements of your page so it renders easily without moving page content. Secondly, You should remove all unused CSS or javascript files. I Hope, this will improve your site score on mobile devices.

I have wrote few steps on my blog before, you can check it out

Another thing you should do when you're working on a WordPress site is to use server side cache, and CDN. I can recommend VPS + Varnish for caching, and CloudFlare to deal with overall trafic.

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