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I hate GIMP. Like most opensource software, it is too bloated with useless featuress

I disagree that most opensource softwares are bloated with useless features. You see there are several open source softwares which are really good and popular for instance PHP, Apache HTTP Server, MinGW, Notepad++, Inkscape and several other out there. So you can say that open source are not good.

I've never actually used them, but I have to agree that they aren't useless features and most of the time they arent blotted but I still stand by the decision that they are often much harder to used than their paid for friends. ;)

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>What are your views of the parent window imathwee

I think it's ok once you get the hang of it.

fair enough... its just that for me when you miss click something and the whole lot closes it just gets really ennoying. I also like to look at stuff on a dark background.

Photoshop takes the cup. say what you will, CS3 loads extremely fast. Can quickly animate, draw vectors plus workspace is solid and does get into the way. Smart layers, linked effects. Ders no other.


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