Hi, Can anyone tell me how to change a thumbnail image into a large image on another part of the page just by a mouseover of the small image, rather than clicking the image for a larger one. Can I do this using tables?

Many thanks from a Dreamweaver inadequate.

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I don't have the exact answer for you. But were I would start is, you should be able to assign states to your thumbnail much in the way you handle them for links. You will have a mouse over and a click state. You would maybe use hotspots if that doesn't work. But you will need to put in the code or scripting that would tell the system when you mouse over the thumb nail to load in a box (could be a table or maybe something like a text box, been a while since I played with dreamweaver) I will attempt to look at it this weekend if I can. Just trying to give you some ideas to play with in the mean time.


I hate that. When I then move the mouse somewhere else, the image changes. I would rather click it, so the image stays.


Thanks for the reply - yes this is exactly what I want to do - file will be very gratefully received!


chris cox


Chris Cox, Click on the link again I posted in my previous answer and you can download a tutorial I put together to show you how to do the layers. have fun

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