Hi everyone....

I have a small problem..I recently installed Win98....but i'm trying to change the color resolution from the display tab (When u go to desktop properties>Settings>Color (16 or 256 colors, etc)) BUT I seem to not have the option to do so. The only option I have is 16 colors or 2 colors which is black and white. And for the screen area i cant decrease it under 640 X 480 pixels. My desktop is huge and blury because of the settings and I cant use AOL unless I change the "COLORS" number. Can anyone plz help me?

Thanks everyone...I appreciate any replies that come my way.

did you make sure that you installed your video adapter? when viewing your desktop res and color depth hit the button near the bottom right it should say "Advanced". then hit the tab at the top that says "Adapter" if it says anything like Standard VGA compatible or the like then your video card has either A) not been installed or B) not been properly installed.

if you need the drivers for your device list your card make and model

or if you already know this you can check out

www.nvidia.com for all Geforce/FX/... (any nvidia chipset card)


www.ati.com for all ati chipset cards. (mostly the radeon series cards)

I had someone do the installation for me...and when i did what u said...it read:

"Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)."

Manufacturer: (Standard display types)
Chip Type: TRIDENT
DAC type: Internal
Memory: 512 K
Software Version: 4.0
Current Files vga.drv, *vdd

Does that hint anything bcuz i'm no good with computers.

it means your video card's drivers have yet to be installed. go to

www.microsoft.com and then look for a link on the side called windows update

or try this link if you cant find it


and let it do its thing while it checks to see if you have the latest update patch. then if a windows pops up asking if you would like to download the microsoft update patch press yes. let it install and then run an update. it will scan your os and all that other good stuff to see if your up to date, if your not updates will be placed on the left. now looking at the left side look for a spot called "Drivers" check there to see if there are any updates for your current video card. if not then dont worry we can do this the hard way :P

If there are no updates then you need to to find out what kind of card you are using, IE is it onboard card(ie you plug the monitor into a jack thats directly connected the motherboard) or is it a pci/vga card that is plugged into a slot. if its a plugged into a slot version this is easier. just open up your case and look for the make of the card. if its an nvidia card. write down the type (geforce/pny/fx....) and go to www.nvidia.com and look for the drivers. but if its a radeon card go to www.ati.com and look for the latest catalyst (i think i spelled that wrong) drivers and get them.

if your unsure, write down all the info thats printed on the card and posted here and ill do a search for ya (info like make model number, serial number...)


i realized its a trident card (very poor quality card if its the one im thinking of) and i dont know where to find the drivers for that card.

Never thought I'd be able to help, your origional thicko here......here's the easy way outa your predicament...if you can get net access go here http://www.webattack.com/get/aida32.shtml
and download and install a wee gem of a program called Aida32. This will till you your graphics card....write it down and then go here

login name is driver password is all

you'll get the driver required....install and all should work. Andy

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