I've wonder if i had a xml content then den display it to mya lay-out html.is that possible ?could i used a script on it?like php or asp.

Hi There,

Please clarify the question, I am not getting you,


I wanted to display the content by xml file! and my question is how could i do it?

Do you want to display the content of an XML file as HTML? i.e. transform XML content to HTML..? You can do that with XSLT. Let me know if that's what you want to do; there's no point me talking about XSLT otherwise =P

The w3cschools minisite for XSLT;

yup i had seen xslt...is this possible to with php?

There is an XSLT extension for PHP:


I think it's just a frontend to an existing XSLT processor.

I don't think PHP itself is designed with XML processing in mind; but you could write PHP script to parse XML/transfer XML segments between files/etc; probably even to transform XML.

But, I'm still not entirely clear on what you want to do..

All I want is to display articles/content on my HTML lay-Out's by means of having script that used xm files and display it.

The display src would be coming up to the xml file.