Like on, when you click on the menu icons, they stay there while the page loads. How is this done? Thanks.

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eh? what? what menu icons?... the whole page reloads... (the top banner part reloads so quick you hardly notice it)

Hehe, not on my internet connection. :)

I suppose you could do it with iframes, but I'm sure these guys here have a better way of doing it than that.

Oh okay, and how might this be done?

Well in your iframe tag, specify a name for it. Something like this:

<iframe name="content"></iframe>

And then to have a new page load in there you will want to include the target in your anchor tag outside of the iframe. Something like:

<a target="content"></a>

The page won't reload, just load the new content into the iframe. I hope that helps, I'm not running on all cylinders today. If that isn't making any sense let me know and I'll come up with an example for you. Take care!

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