I am you can say a novice website designer and I made a layout for my website and it works in some browser and have issue in other.

Here is a link to where you can see my template:

If you dont feel safe opening the link or if the link is not working I have included a zip file with this post

This template works in:
Have issue in:
Netscape Navigator

Can some one please tell me what I can do to solve this problem. I have a feeling that Navigation is the problem but have no idea on how I can fix it.

Since no one could figure out the why the FireFox could not display the page right, here is my solution to the problem.

For some reason Firefox is unable to apply the css Height command so I used to min-height command as it is accepted by all the browsers.

Regardless what anyone says the best browser is the one that came with windows.. Just my opinion not trying to start any arguments lol..

You didn't get an answer because you didn't tell us what it was doing wrong.

Note that all CSS attributes are lowercase. The way you spelled 'Height' is not allowed. IE wrongly allows it.

well the problem with the page was that 'test text1', 'test text2' text would come over the head image.

what do you mean by lowercase, as to what I know it does not matter, but then again I am still new to css.

Also can you please specify how would you spell 'Height' as I could not think of any other spelling.

It does matter in Firefox, which follows the W3C standard. Firefox does not recognize uppercase or mixed case versions of styles and attributes in doctypes that prohibit them.

The style "height" must not have a capital "H". The "h" must be lowercase.

height = OK
HEIGHT = wrong
Height = wrong

The use of uppercase letters in tags, syles, and attributes is deprecated by the W3C standards. They will fail when used with future browser versions. Get used to it now, so you don't suddenly have to do a ton of work on your pages later.

Most browsers on UNIX servers already fail when given the wrong case. UNIX has no automatic case conversion.

IE is not following the W3C standard, and wrongly makes these case-insensitive.

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ok, In css I use lowercase letters so I am safe there. Can you tell me where I can find these W3C standards as when ever I go on their website I cant find them.. its like then hide them lol