is really tables are out of the designing world?

is really CSS is a must in every website?

Please help me learning CSS, can you recommend websites that has a CSS TUTORIAL in ZERO KNOWLEDGE LEVEL...


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I think the move is for tables to only be used for displaying data and CSS is used to organise the look and feel of the site. I think some older browsers still don't support (or not to standard) CSS, so this could be an issue with a site using CSS. I might be wrong about all of this though.

As for tutorials http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp the W3C tutorials is always a good starting point. But i think the best way to learn is just to practice.

Good luck.


GEEZ... Thanks... many of my friends really recommend w3school...
All right... so there is no such thing as zero table in a website...


The problem is that people were using tables to create page margins, borders, and other objects which can't be readily done without style sheets.

There is absolutely no reason to not use tables for tabular data, or for forms with rows and columns of data entry.

The place where the division is hazy is the creation of columns. W3C wants us to use multiple div boxes instead of tables. The problem is that it doesn't always work.

Div works fine for making columns on the top level, but it falls apart if the columns are inside some other object (such as being part of one item in an ordered or bulleted list), or if the browser window is narrower than the contents of the columns.

Since table is not deprecated, I suggest that you use it if the div method falls apart and you don't want it to. Maybe someday W3C will come up with a design that does not fall apart.

Also, if older browsers that don't do styles absolutely must show margins, the page will still have to have the table in it to produce the margins.

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