Hi Guys!

Can I ask a huge help question?

I have a folder of images (about 100) of them that I need to resize to a certain size....

I am familiar with AUTOMATE for RESIZING, but I really want to use the "SAVE FOR WEB OPTIMIZED" option for them as it cuts down file size and well saves them for web! The other way seems to make the file still too large....

Any help would GREATLY be appreciated!!

Thanks for your genuis!

I have to say I am interested in this answer. I have never even thought about batch processing images tbh, so I have never needed to do it but if anyone one knows....

hey guys, there are several software for batch imahe processing. I used several, perhaps i dont remember em now cause i rarely(raised to power rarely) went under such circumstances.

Right now i searched the google for it(i did it then also)

Maybe you may also get some at snapfiles.com.
I will post here once i get.