I have a client's site uploaded to http://fjamison.freehostia.com/, but she says the menus don't work on her Mac.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is so or how to resolve this issue?

Well, it may be the menu code!

I know that is stating the obvious - but have you checked with the menu originator that it is compatible?
Does the client have JS eanbled?
Is the scripting using windows proprietry expressions?

Alternatively, contact the suppliers of the menu code.

Then again, you have a JS only menu, so you're boned no matter what!

(EDIT: It's your own code isn't it ?)

It is my own code.

It works in opera, IE6, IE7, Firefox, AOL, and Netscape on a PC. Is the browser in a Mac so different as to cause the menu not to work?

Can some of the other forum members with Macs confirm that the menu does not work on their computers?


When your client says
" ...the menus don't work on her Mac. "

does she mean it doesn't show up, or that the top links do but not the popups, or that the popups appear but are displaced?

If the former, then it is most likely the JS.
If either of the remaining two options, then it could simply be the styling.

And yes, there are some notable differences on the Mac IE (which to be honest, is just about dead anyways , isn't it?).

Is there a reason for the JS only meu ... rather than using a JS/CSS hybrid, such as the Suckerfish menu (or one of the "son's")?
They may not be perfect, but at least you can navigate somewhat with JS disabled, and it works on most Browsers and OS's... and most important of all... it's accessible, even with JS disabled!

It actually is a javascript/css hybrid menu. It is wrapped in a js file for portability.

She waas not clear on exactly what it was or was not doing...so I will have to check it out when I see her again.