I'm developing this page:


Viewing on Firefox creates a weird style problem. To see it:

1. Click on Draft Policies
2. Click on Description for University E-mail as Official Correspondence

There is a gap between the second to last line and the last line of text.

Does anyone know how I can correct this problem??

This doesn't show up on Safari or Internet Explorer.


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Please try Validating your code...
(this will require the inclusion of DocType and CharSet!)

Quite often this sort of thing occurs due to tags/elements not being closed properly... esp. in very compliant browsers such as MFF.

It may also be due to quirks/non-standard mode being implemented by defautl, or the difference of code (you code in strict, it reads it as transitional // you code it as xhtml, it reads it as html).

Onceyou ahve that done, you may find the issue has disappeared :D
(Hint: When workig through Validation errors, start at the top of the file and work down, as some reported errors are acaused by previous ones above!).

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