I'm in the process of converting many sections of my web to templates (for use with Contribute) so I can get away from all of that mundane editing. Each page has a header, navbar, and body, with only the body being editable in the template.

When viewed with Firefox, every page looks right. However, with IE (6 & 7 tested) the pages with some templates are correct and with others, the're not. The problem with the "bad" pages is that the font size is about two points too big.

See www.writeonwhidbey.org The Home Page and the Membership Section all look correct, while all the pages in the Classes, Contact Us & Contest sections have fonts which are too large.

All the pages in the web site use the same CSS file. Adobe hasn't been able to figure this out, yet. Perhaps one of you gurus has seen something similar or perhaps can guess how I can get around this problem.

Does the CSS contain the font-size attribute 'larger'? If so, each time it is encountered, it makes the font larger, relative to the lastr time it was encountered.

No, the CSS doesn't use the word larger anywhere. All my font sizes are in terms of :large, x-small, small, etc.

I've finally given up on the template - never having solved the problem. Three sections of my web www.writeonwhidbey.org use templates, which have an editable region covering the entire body area (The Home page, Membership, and Contact Us). All the other sections don't use any template. This hasn't been a problem in Contribute. The user can't edit the header or navbar because they are inserted via SSI. While technically the entire page is editable, only the body ends up being editable. So, I'm happy, but I never did figure out my problem.