Updating IOS 5 for iPad2


I can use my iPad2 to send SMS messages, but i cant receive them. Any suggestions? And i just downloaded IOS 5 system from Apple. And it can work with my iPhone4. But it cant work with my iPad2. What is the problem?


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Does iOS have different type for iDevice?
For an example iOS for iPhone n iOS for IPad is different.


The best option is to follow the steps addressing this update issue, from the article
from Apple support below:
iPad: Unable to Update or Restore http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4097
Let me know if this helps, I am initially providing this article as it was created to help resolve this common problem with a number of iPad users when updating/upgrading their iOS platform.http://www.bidanswer.com/Questions/QuestionInfo_10311.html


NO! Ios is the same accross the board from all Mobile devices, you might want to call Apple and Check if the Ios installed on your Ipad Properly.


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