I have a MacAir with Entourage. For 9 months I enjoyed the services of 123toegher.com / Microsoft Outlook Web, but ten days ago the system started getting unstable. Some of my mails are not being downloaded to my Entourage mail account. I have just updated my 2008 Entourage system. Can anybody help me. I did not get any help when apporaching the support service of 123toegher.com / Microsoft Outlook Web. Can anybody help me in my desperate situation+
Mogens S. Mogensen
[email removed]

Let me add the response from the support person: Ron: Ok, I have seen a couple of the same issues with Entourage. We are in the process of investigating this issue to understand why it is happening. At this point what we have found for a resolution is to create a new Entourage profile "identitiy" with the same settings as the old one. This is what has been resolving this issue.
--- I created a parallel account but this did not solve the problem.
Mogens S. Mogensen


Try and do a manually Sync or Cleanup exchange server cache, whenever the issue arise in the old identity.

1. Right Click exchange account in Entourage and choose Sync now,

2. Cleanup Server Cache, Right Click Exchange account then choose folder properties, Then click empty server cache.


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