Hi All, so heres my situation, I currently have on my desktop a excell workbook with a few sheets in with pricing sets. I am looking to see if a app or cloud based system exsits that can show this data in a form style page, also one of my sheets basically is a slightly over the top calculator it takes pricing information (fixed) a percentage mark-up (I SET) Then using formulas works out profit,cost,commision etc etc i would also need the app to be able to handle me changing the percentage and it then using the formulas to work out the costs etc, i have googled and tried a few ideas but nothing seems to be what i am looking for. does anyone know of anything like this or could point me in a direction to find something that will work for me, Ideally it needs to be free or as cheap as possible (we are only a small company) and can be viewed on a iPhone to allow us to look up pricing and work out pricing out in the field with clients Many Thanks Jamie

This is what internet search engines are for. There are plugins for excel that can "pretty print" your data, but I don't personally know what they are. Others here may be more knowlegable than I am about that.