Am wondering if anyone here has already used the Google Plus One button on their website, and whether it is having a positive effect on search results (only for at this time).

I haven't done research on this, but my guess is that it's used for personalisation and social (sharing) stuff rather than the place on the page. If it has any influence at all, perhaps only if many people vote up or something like that.

That was my guess too. Am hoping someone can shed some light on this with actual numbers.

If they would truly want input from the users on what links should be higher, they would add a -1 link too (right?) but I'm interested in investigation on this too.


How can we convert twitter for business social network...???

does anybody already have any experience to share about the effects of BING collaboration for search results with facebook?

Please make this a new thread, as it has nothing to do with this one.

Please make this a new thread, as it has nothing to do with this one.

no problem


This feature is related to socializing your website. I don't think it has anything to do with ranking, the main focus is to bring traffic to website.


Agreed, but getting traffic to your website could mean an increase in your rank. So indirectly it could affect it.

We're using it, but mostly because I'm afraid that if we don't we'll get left behind, as from what I understand Google will start including it as a factor in search ranking.