Breaking News: I Go. You Go. MeeGo?

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The announcement from The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin:

MeeGo combines Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo projects at the Linux Foundation to create one open source uber-platform for the next generation of computing devices: tablets, pocketable computers, netbooks, automotive IVI and more.

Why should you pay attention to this announcement? With MeeGo you have the world’s largest chip manufacturer and the world’s largest mobile handset manufacturer joining forces to create an incredible opportunity for developers who want to reach millions of users with innovative technology.

MeeGo, as Zemlin describes it, " is not an OS designed for a legacy purpose that is being crammed or expanded into a new device form."

It is a Linux-based OS for the next generation of devices.

You might be asking yourself, "Why is The Linux Foundation involved in MeeGo?"

Good question.

The answer lies in The Foundation's purpose, part of which is to move Linux forward and to promote Linux to the world. It's the right place to plant, grow and monitor such a project. Who better than the Linux developers, themselves, to host a high profile, future-oriented project like MeeGo?

No one.

MeeGo is multi-architecture, cross-device and consumer-oriented.

When The Linux Foundation releases the first incarnation of the project that's suitable for use on a device, watch my blog for a review of it.

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