Hi all,

Just want to know your veis on PDA's.
Send your favorite, talk spec, if you like them and if you hate them.
Send in any thing you like!


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PDA's are good if you have a use for them. They can be very helpful if you need to remember meetings, etc. but I am sure you know they aren't the greatest gaming machines. However, they can also be useful for accessing the net if you have wi-fi capabilites, although few do.

Overall: Only very good for businessmen and businesswomen who need to remember multiple meetings, appointments etc.

Hey ive read your post and i say there very useful. I just turned 15 and i love mine, i use the keyboard i got for it to write down all my notes in school. I got a sony tj-27. It has a pretty cool built-in camera, awsome hi-res colour display and it cost me 80$ CDN. So if you cant afford the 1000$ + of a laptop, its a great alternative depending what you use it for. A new pda in colour can go from 80$ to 600$, but a good price would be 200$

I own the Treo line of PDA + Cellphone and have found it to be a very usefull tool. Although I must say beware of downloading just any application to your PDA. If you download something that is not totally tested to work without bugs with your PDA you will find your PDA may not work like it did and it could turn into a nightmare troubleshooting the cause and fixing it especially if your PDA freezes up. So choose carefully when downloading even from the Sprint as some of their applications have given my PDA bugs that caused the device to stop working.

By the way does anyone own a Tre 650 also?

very good for security officers like me. its a notepad that cant get ripped into pieces and you can write just what you like in them

I think PDAs are great gadgets to have, especially if you are away from the desk alot. But it can be quite expensive to get a good one.

i got myne a few months ago
its a 200mhz hp rz1700
pretty good but i have no use for it what so ever

they are great for the first month

then u try to sell them on ebay and NOBODY wants them!

i reccomend try before you buy and only buy if for busness, they are no good for games

nobody wants them because ppl on ebay probably already have them at disount prices (ebay auction prices).

Used to have one. Didn't replace it when it broke as I hardly ever used it.

They DID however bring me a nice job writing software for them, so they can be useful :)
The customer loves the productivity gain they got from giving their field force PDAs with custom software for their timekeeping and accounting/billing.
No longer do the off-site staff have to drive to the main office every morning to pick up their work orders, if they have the required spare parts in their trucks they can drive directly from their homes to the worksite now saving time and gas.


A very interesting discussion. I personally have an old Palm, the one that has the word Pilot on it, before the Pilot pen company sued successfully for tradmark infringement. I also have a Handspring b/w unit. I love using it for addresses, calendaring, and notetaking. I do not use it for pictures. music, or online access/networking. Just a simple address/calendar thingy, and a perk of a couple cheapo games while waiting in the Doctor's office.

If I need anything stronger, then the laptop comes out. I ahve seen keyboard kits for Palm computers, and while it is a neat idea, if I really want to process text, I think the laptop is a better option. Although a Palm with a Fax option gives you a "printer", it is not the same.

But PDA's are making inroads on the Medical front. Following Dr. Crusher's (star-trek) lead, medical people today are using PDA's to track patients, make perscriptions, and view patient information. Hosptials are setting up wireless networks for these things. Security is a big issue, too! Encrypted PDA transactions. It is nothing to sneeze at.


I've got a Dell Axim X30, and it's my digital buddy. I have AvantGo on it, so I've always got mobile news when I'm away from my desk. I check my home email accounts, and sync when I get home, and I'm CONSTANTLY using it to jot down notes and stuff.

I could live without it, but now that I have one, I'm not sure if I want to. :D

I just got a Dell Axim X50v for Christmas and it's brilliant. I've wanted one of these for ages - one of the reasons being I have an absurd amount of meetings I need to keep track of at uni and I don't want to take my expensive laptop there.

Some of my favourite apps are Pocket Outlook, Notes, Microsoft Reader and Pocket MSN Messenger. Using the touchscreen keyboard can be quite difficult early on, but you get used to it eventually.

One thing I really want to do at some point is make use of the Compact Framework and start creating my own programs for it. I have a few ideas and never really had the opportunity to implement them before.

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