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This was not me, actually happened to my work colleague. SHe has a Nokia 8910i which was dropped in hot tea and was left on radiator to dry off. WHat are the chances of that phone coming back to life ever again? I was thinking that damage would be done after it fell in hot tea, now considert this that the phone is supposed to be made of some sort a metal thingy i mean the case, now after leaving it on the radiator would mean that it would absorb a lot of heat without being able to dissipate it out. Phone is black in color which would mean it ll be able to hold on to the heat for a while as well. Now it would have been on the radiator for a while but I dont think it would ever work. DO you??? I'd say the internal circuitry would be melted by now.

Anything that anyone out there could suggest to either get it to work or get the data off it.



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Was the phone turned on when it took a bath? If not, there might be some hope, but it also depends on how bad the phone took the splash.........My sister dropped a blackjack2 in the sink with a little water, but it was off. We also let it completely dry. We put the phone in a plastic baggie, then stuck the baggie (while open) in a bowl with an airtight lid. We filled the bowl with rice (to draw the moisure out of the phone) and her phone works fine now. So I think it all depends on how wet the phone got....of course the radiator method probably did not help the phone..Good luck!

well it was on when it took the plunge, guess women do mange to accomplish such astonishing stuff....lol. I got no hope for it but i ll see if the repair guy could get it anywhere.

ALthough the rice method was good but given that it was hot tea that it went into not just water. Hot tea even after drying would leave sticky stains on the components inside which for sure wont be very healthy for the phone itself.


Uhh... won't black radiate heat out faster? :)

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