I have a tv that i lost the remote for and standard controllers dont work to switch the tv/video (thats what i need). So i decided to find a program that would let my laptop be the remote control for my tv through its ir port. However, i havent found anything yet. :-| does anyone know of a program that allows me to do this. I am running xp pro and mandrake 10.2. Thanks :)

I know it exists for a pda, but for a laptop...

Hey theres this one program that i found, It's a sourceforge program and there is a port for windows with questionable support. I say questionable only because i have not gotten it to work on my machine. The computer im using also happens to be a fairly old and slow laptop which might be affecting the application in more ways than one. Anyway, i wish you good luck with it, post back of it works. The program is called Lirc. The dudes webpage is http://www.lirc.org

Good luck

Sorry Guys lirc and winlirc have a problem working with laptop IRs

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