Hello everyone! I have a GE Wireless keyboard, but my function keys do not work! Also, my numeric keypad (right-side of keyboard) does not work either... I installed the drivers for the keyboard, whcih came with it, and still nothing good has happened... I have also tried surfing the web for an upated driver, but again, no help... Does anyone know what's going on here? :cry:

For the number pad is number lock on?

For the number pad is number lock on?

Thanks for the speedy reply! Well, it looks like you have SOLVED my numeric pad issue, but my function keys are still out... PLEASE HELP!

What do you mean not work? What is it that you want them to do?

Well.... First, I should tell you that if I use the keyboard that my computer manufacturer gave me, everything works fine.... However, when I use the wireless keyboard (which I bought from the store), then I have trouble... (The manufacturer's keyboard uses a wire, and is not wireless...) What I expect my wireless keyboard to do, is let my function keys work... For example, I did something to my computer a while ago, and I had to use safe mode to access my computer... As you know, you have to use one of the function keys to access safe mode.. I had to switch my keyboards temporarily, becuase I could not use the keys.... Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes yes now I get it.

Is there a solution then?

Well is your computer an XP?

yes it is. Xp Home.

Does ANYONE know how to fix this?

I am having trouble finding function key help any where but have you uninstalled the old keyboard?

Well, the old keyboard did not have drivers.... If it did, then it is somewhere that I do not know about.... Remember, this is the manufacturer's keyboard that I had before.... I'm not sure that removing the drivers for that old keyboard is possible...

Well you said it worked on the old keyboard. So it might be a defect in the keyboard.

Crap! Well, I guess I kind of knew that you would say that, so I probably shouldn't be suprised... Thanks for your help!


So does that mean your gonna take it in for a replacement?

Ordinarily, yes. But in this case, no. I know that you tried your best, and I honor that! :cheesy: But, if you can't find help in one place, then try another. I have been a member of Computer Hope for a while, so I asked them for help, and I THINK they have an answer... We'll see... Once again, I apreciate your help! :cheesy:

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