I'm looking at buying a new dell laptop, what are your opinions on the inspiron range?? any opinions are welcome.

Thanks, Chopper.

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Its really a good series and i would like to suggest you to go for Dell Inspiron 1420. I am also using it. I am sure you will also find it the best.


Good thing with Dell is, on the whole, the great support.

My youngest daughter got a reconditioned/open box Dell netbook at a huge discount in August 2010 from a third party website. Its started blue screening last week, contacted Dell who sent a courier to collect it from my home address last Friday afternoon at no charge, and it was returned today (that's within 3 working days) with a new HDD and completely fixed.

Can't complain at that kind of service, especially when you consider it wasn't even purchased from Dell and had probably been a faulty return and repair item to start with, hence the open box status and low price.

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