I have a new Emprex 3.3gb mp3 player with a fully charged battery. My computer is running Windows XP home edition. I plugged the cable into the usb port and successfully transferred the content of one of my CDs. However, subsequent attempts have resulted in a 'usb device not recognised, one of the usb devices connected has malfunctioned and windows doesn't recognize it'. I don't understand why it worked the first time only. I have tried different ports, and other devices work with no problem. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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I must admit, I'm unfamiliar with this, but the user manual just said 'connect audio player to computer and install firmware.sys file'. There wasn't one on the disk, but I have since found one on their website and put it on my computer. But how do I get it on the player if I can't connect?
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Sent the player back, and it turned out to be faulty.
Thanks for looking.

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