Hi there,
I am thinking about buying a new laptop and I was wondering whether anybody has any suggestions.
Basically I do a bit of programming (learnimg C++ at the moment, so nothing advanced just console programs) and I am now getting into building websites so I always end up having an awful lot of stuff running on my laptop with the result that it is really really slow.
At the moment I have a laptop - dell inspiron 1300 2gb ram (which I use all the time for the above jobs) - and a netbook - samsung n10 which I sometimes use it to do all my work, including programming and web editing.

Now, in view of this I wonder what type of laptop you recommend. Clearly 2GB of mem are not enough because my machines always struggle a bit so I was looking at the dell XPS 17 http://www1.euro.dell.com/uk/en/home/Dell-Laptops/xps-17/pd.aspx?refid=xps-17&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&~ck=mn
the one with i7-2630QM processor. It could be a good investment especially for the future considering that I will hopefully get better at programming and developing. It comes with 4gb ram, but I am not sure if you can go up or not.

I ws also looking at one of these http://www.gd-itronix.com/index.cfm?page=Products:GD6000 but it doesn't seem to be as powerful as the dell.
Is there any other product that you guys suggest?

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I think the reason that no one has replied to this message is that just about any laptop with enough memory and processor power will do.

Which operating system are you running? Is there a version of your programming and web development tools that run on Linux? I've found that Linux is much less of a drain on system resources. However, some tools run only on certain platforms so you may be limited as to which OS you can run.

Windows 7 has been such a huge improvement over previous versions of Windows - it's worth considering as well.

So, really, just about any computer you can afford that represents the best value in memory and processor speed should work just fine.

I hope this helps -

/David C.

If you are opting for a cheaper model, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba will be ideal, better ones Dell, HP, best would be Sony, IBM. I am using Dell & HP and am happy with Dell.

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