Alright, my Thinkpad T60 decided to stop booting. I've tried all the obvious already. Anyway, when I start it up, it shuts down in 3 seconds. All the lights act normal, but no display. To get it to boot again, I need to remove the A/C and the battery. When I plug in the external VGA, it boots like normal. If I hit FN+F7 (LCD/External toggle), it powers off. What could the cause be? I was thinking a shorted out ribbon, are blown fuse or a faulty LCD, but it may be something else. Thanks in advance.

Can you get at least boot into BIOS?
If so, might be either windows fault or something else...

I can get into the BIOS on the external VGA. Windows loads while on external. Again, it doesn't even start without the VGA cable.

so now you can't boot normally except plug in external vga and it would boot normally...

sounds like you got monitor faulty (internal)

I was thinking that, but even without the internal LCD plugged in and the external VGA in, it fails when I hit FN+F7, so I think it might also be something else. Any suggestions?

your problem looks like there earthing short circuit internally.
It could happen due to watter fall on lappy or due to ants sitting inside lappy.
So its better that you give it for the repair.

Er, how can Ants be inside your laptop cause the problem?

@ rameneater90
Your problem is your laptop will shut down after 3 seconds it is turn on, right? And you said you have to remove battery and power cord to book again. What do you mean by that? When you say plug in the VGA do you mean VGA connector?

1) Reset your Bios settings first and see whether you can boot up normally.
2) Is your power supply voltage set correctly for the laptop/

Why not ants be inside, due to the flex inside lappy ants will attract in it.
and I faced same problem and rectified
that problem comes due to the internal lappy board tracks (On SMB PCB)

Beep codes can help you identify the problem better. Unfortunately the problem you stated is a bit broad.

I need to know what steps you have try to resolve the problem. Hope to hear a reply soon

No post beeps. No signs of any damage on the board (including ants xD). I meant a VGA cable, the one on the exterior of the laptop. So, a clearer version of what happens:

If there is a external monitor plugged in, it boots to the external monitor, no problems. If I try to use the key combination to switch to the internal, it powers off and it won't respond to the power button until the battery or/and AC have been removed and plugged in again. If there is no external monitor, it just shuts down after a couple of seconds and then, it won't respond to the power button again.

The steps i've already taken are:
-Diagnostics on external monitor, all parts passed.
-It doesn't boot with barebones (mobo,keyboard,ribbon,lcd,cpu,heatsink)
-Reset power, drain capasitator.

It's not dead, but it's turned itself into a desktop. Thanks, I really hope I can fix this. Just so you guys know, you don't have to write your responses in simple terms, I can understand 'tech' language :)

It could be that your driver for internal monitor is missing/corrupt. That may explain why it won't boot your monitor normally and perhaps generic pnp monitor has been change to default by mistake...

It could be anything including BIOS setting...

One more question... or maybe two...
is your problem already solved?

I booted from external disk, no change, it can't even start up with internal only. Problem isn't solved yet, but I bought a new LCD ribbon, I'll let you know the results.

ok , if the replacement video signal cable does not work, i suggest update the BIOS driver as this may have become corrupted, so overwriting the firmware may correct the errors

Alright, I found the cause of my problems, a blown fuse. Only problem now, is that it's less than 1/2 cm long, and is soldered to the mobo. Any ideas on how I can replace it? I was considering piggybacking it. The fuse is 3.3v, which provides the power to the LCD. Thanks.

If you don't have enough experience in handling such task (moreover if it was neatly soldered), just send it to local repair shop and they'll do it for you.

You don't want to mess up more than it would have right now...

Alright, I'm going to repair this myself, I have access to a rework station and fuses, should hopefully be enough. Thanks :)

Hi - you have isolated the problem as being directly or indirectly an onboard display issue but is it a software or hardware device fault ?
To test your computer you can run a Ubuntu linux operating system in live/try first mode
This is a non-micr0s0ft tamed for home-system owner freeware operating system based upon enterprise Unix concepts
Unix has around since day one of computing and Linux has been in development for many years
You can create a self booting dvd or cd disk via distributable iso file download which can be booted using try mode which creates a virtual drive in system memory space - ram memory
running in try mode will not alter any current c-drive (hard disk drive) files
Now presuming would normally boot ok if the computer works as normal then is most likely a Windows driver/system file issue but if it remains the same then is most likely a hardware device incl power supply related issue

However would have been much better to have run this before any problem to ensure boots ok - as does not support some chipset/device combinations (ie could not get one distro to boot on an acer sk50)

To create a self booting disk just download the iso file and burn to a cd or dvd disk using iso burning mode or order the disk online or via pc auction sites for a few dollars

works well once procedures are sorted - using Ubuntu try mode now to write and send this reply

I know what Ubuntu is, a fuse is blown, causing the PSU to detect a short in the machine. Therfore not booting :(

ok , now we both know

Laptop may also be stored internally, or may exist only until the next power-down

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