Hi Everyone!

I got spoiled the other day when I was asked to drive a Cadillac CTS -V for two days and it had the fully loaded satellite radio package. Needless to say, I loved it but did not care for the cost of subscription and installation for my car...

I discussed this with an Audio expert and he recommended I DL Pandora, which could be uploaded to my Android smartphone to get satellite radio. I would be using this in my car of course, by connecting my smartphone to the stereo via the Mp3 jack. My understanding however, is that Pandora basically allows users to build custom music 'stations' based on user input. That is great, but I was also looking to see if there were other apps that would let me access XM or Sirius content such as talk radio, et cetera.

I've heard they are out there, but don't know where to look. It also would be great to avoid any virus or malware by getting the 411 from those who have used the app in the manner I've described.

Hit me back with the info and Thanks!