how to connect usb internet donggle to the tablet.

Internet donggle?

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how to connect usb internet donggle to the tablet.

What do you mean by that? Are you using an iPad and want to connect it to a TV? We need a bit more information to be able to help out.

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it is a usb broadband modem

Do you have a wireless network?
What tablet is it?
Does it have a USB port?

Certainly the tablet need at least a USB port to plug in internet dongle for it to work.

Some tablet doesn't need an internet dongle to connect to 3G connection as it was already built-in inside. Might as well check whether your tablet support it...

Whats a dongle?
I feel like Im missing something here....

Whats a dongle?
I feel like Im missing something here....

Ever heard of pendrive etc.??
It has the same shape but have different function altogether.

For example a bluetooth dongle. Some computer don't have bluetooth so they buy an external bluetooth device and attach it to the computer so that the computer can receive bluetooth signal and do transfer files

Internet dongle is the same thing but it's function is the same as wifi card place on your laptop, only working on external. The same as bluetooth above

Got it?

I call it an adapter.
Its what we call it here.

here adapter refer to power adapter for laptop charging and stuff...

We call that an adapter too, but more like a charger.
"Put in the Wi-Fi adapter."
"Put the charger in the computer."

@ Original Poster

We need to know what type of tablet you are using?

@ All

Why are you guys suddenly discussing about Wifi Adapter and Dongle?


apparently blackcathacker doesn't know the meaning of dongle but gotten carried away... sorry


are you still gonna reply?

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