hey guys i have the logitech x-230 speakers, btu for some1 reason one of them doesnt work, does anybody know how i can fix this?

ps: im not very good at understanding thigns about computers so when you give me instructions please eb specific.


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you can try to wiggle the wires that go to the speaker, maybe there is a loose connection. make sure the speakers are plugged in and not muted.

Is the system setup just to play to one speaker? are you having hte same problem with headphones?

I am having a similar issue, and chalked it up to bad quality speakers and headphones. But then i plugged in a brand new set of headphones and still had only one channel of audio playing. So after some troubleshooting i have come to the conclusion that my On board audio device is faulty.

Are you using on board audio? Try updating the Driver, and if all else fails (as on board audio usually does) buy and install a new sound card.

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