I have an ancient Motorola T720 cell phone, a Kindle 3G reader, a Linksys/Cisco E3000 router and a home network with my aged desktop (WinXP), my wife's Toshiba laptop (Win 7) and my Mac iBook G4 (OSX) hooked up to it and running. I'm interested in XOOM Tablet but don't want to have to buy a new phone (I use it mostly for emergencies and it works fine), don't want to have to buy a data contract (cellphone is Verizon based). I have a DSL line with AT& T as the supplier. I'm interested in reading/answering my emails and reading the WSJ and some magazines that claim iPad readability.
Any hope ??

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They have a WiFi-only model of the Xoom, so you don't need a cell phone contract to use it. It runs Android (a version of Linux), and the Android mail tool allows you to access just about any account that has POP or IMAP connectivity. I'm sure you will enjoy it! I use my android phone for handling email and reading newspaper articles when on the road, including accessing and trading stocks/options on my Fidelity account. A tablet would be a lot easier to do all that, but without a cell phone data plan you will be limited to locations with WiFi access to get internet connectivity. These days that includes just about all coffee shops, many restaurants, most public libraries, and such. In fact, I switch my android phone to WiFi networking when I am somewhere that there is decent WiFi access - it doesn't count toward my data caps and such.

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