My mother recently got a Palm Zire 31 for free, which she passed on to me, as I am a PDA user. Now, the problem: I don't have the damn cable to plug it into my computer. My camera uses the same type of cable, and allows me to plug it into my computer. Now, it's plugged in, but it doesn't have a "HOTSYNC" button on the cable. I can't add any games, contacts, apps, music, photos, ect to my Zire 31... I can charge it, however, using my moterola charger (LOL). I can't buy a Zire cable. The Hotsync icon doesn't do the trick.

Any suggestions?

Never mind, guys. This IS an old post, but I have solved it.

Do you mind saying how you solved it so it perhaps might be of help to others with the same problem? Updates are always welcome!

I'm not sure exactly how I solved it... I was just messing around in palm desktop when I clicked a button and it Hotsync'd.

I have a palm zire 31. I installed the software that it came with. (palm desktop) Once it was installed i hit the synchronize button on the palm (top right hand corner in rectangular box) Then i had to create a user and then whenever i synchronized it worked.

To add music, games and apps you need to go into palm desktop and then palm one quick install. You should have two different sections in there. Now you simply drag the stuff you want transferred over into the correct place. The top if you want it to go into the pda's ram or the bottom one if you want it to go onto the memory card. (to put it on the memory card you need a card) Then you exit the program. A box will appear telling you that your files will be transferred when you next synchronize. Click 'ok'. Once you have exited the two programs press the synchronize on the pda and the operation will be complete.

If you have put photo's or music on the memory card then you may need to tap the top right hand corner of the screen and select 'card'.

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