First off I am new here so what's up!? My mp3 player came without instructions and I am confused. I have all my music on the computer but I do not know how to get it to the mp3 player. It is a rca m5001 and it is 1gb. Please help I have tried for hours with no luck.

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Hello. Hopefully your MP3 player will have come with a USB lead and a CD with driver software on it. Assuming you're using Windows, insert the driver CD and install the driver on it for the connection. Then plug in the player and you should get a "New hardware found" window. The player will probably appear as "removeable drive F:" in Explorer. Just copy the music files to this as if it were any other folder.



if it has no instructions and no cd, I would recomend pluging it in and seeing is windows does recognize it as a removoable harddrive and then just load the music to that


I have a m5001 that I bought without the cd or manual as well, I found that I had to download windows media player 11 to get mine to work, after you download media player 11 you may have to go into device manager and delete the previous incomplete installation of the mp3 player, and try the m5001 again.
RCA's support is a joke, I went through that when I was trying to figure mine out, and after a few e-mails and a few arguements on the phone with the support people, I think I would have been better off to ask my dog.

Well thats how I got mine to work
I hope this helps someone

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