It happens to everyone. There computer breaks down with all there music on it!!! :eek: Well i thought I would send out this tutorial to explain to people on how to get there music off there iPod back into there computer.

1. Once your computer is up and running DO NOT put iTunes back on yet. You will eventually but it will erase your iPod.

2. Go into My Documents > My Music and make a folder ( call it whatever you want) this will hold your music.

3. While your in this folder click on Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > and under Hidden Files and Folders click on Show hidden files and folders.

4. Now connect your iPod your computer.

5. When it connects go into your iPod through My Computer and double click on iPod_Control

6. In this folder there is a Music folder. Right click and copy this folder to your new folder you created in My Music.

7. Lastly unplug your iPod, install itunes and go file, add folder to library. (when you add the folder, make sure it is the first folder you created not the music folder. If you don't it will not work

I hope this helps those ipod people that hate losing their music.

Any questions, just give me a shout

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Very good Tutorial!!!!

I take it this happend to you and you restored things :)

God bless

Yes i did...after a long time of hard thinking LOL

I agree, this is a really good tutorial. I'll remember to come here if that happens to me. :) Good job.

gr8 job buddy

Nice tuitorial indeed........ n i tried it out it does really work.

But I messed up some other data in my computer. Not your fault , jus my innovative nature.
Ne ways buddy keep posting such stuff.


If you're on a Mac, look for an app named Senuti, this works well, and automatically copies your music across for you.

Nice one matey, will this work for purchased media on there as well do you know?

Dazza :cool:

Yes it will, but make sure that your account is authorized before you put the music back on...otherwise it will say that this music does not belong to you

Lost all my iTunes music but still on my iPod, so uninstalled iTunes (hoping to follow your guide above) my iPod touch is in device manager and says it's charging - but not in 'My Computer' for some reason?

Dazza :cool:

You must do the "Show hidden files and folders" step are you sure you did not miss it. I backed up my iTunes and tried this. It worked B E A UTIFUL.

Thanks a lot for sharing

i had this horrible problem when i faced the data lost in my ipod just because of the option set was automatically configure my songs so always set it to manual option then you will not loose your data
it will be present in itunes as well as in ipod

Looks like the file system differs slightly with the different variants of iPod, the above didn't work at all on my touch but fine on a friend's nano.

Should you have the same issue there's free software available on t'internet that should allow you to back-up all the music on your ipod then transfer it to iTunes.

One issue I've found with doing this is that most of them will only copy music not the video etc.

Hope this helps,

Dazza :cool:

It's a good thing to have backups for all your devices.
Your devices are very essential and you need to be very caareful about them.


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very nice tutorial, i am really having hard time to figure out how to put back my songs in the ipod,. now i know,i will be able to do that later..thanks a lot.

Great tutorial! I'll have to go with this method the next time I need my music from my iPod onto my Windows desktop. I've been doing it the long way. I would put in a Puppy Linux LiveCD, download Gtkpod, mount the hard drive, then copy the music from the iPod, through Gtkpod, into the My Music folder.

Very good Tutorial!!!!

I recently replaced my touch for a new 32Gb version, however over the years my old touch had a lot of content that wasn't in iTunes and wouldn't sync to iTunes.
I used DiscAid to transfer all the old content to my laptop, then into iTunes and onto my new touch.

So I've now been able to sync my old content with my new touch and my BlackBerry with iTunes.


I am really glad to visit here and I learn so much about new gadgets, I mostly use to search new gadgets & I found best buy electronics online during search.

I had this terrible problem when I faced the loss of data on my iPod just because the option is set to automatically configure my songs always put the manual option, you will not lose your data that is present in iTunes and iPod

great tutorial, this should have a sticky thing ..i have an ipod full of music...hope not to be forced to follow this

nice tutorial thanks to share

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