Hello - I recently bought a Coby MP3 player for my sister (model # MPC-848). Well, I have one just like it, and I had NO Trouble putting the music on mine. But, I went to add the music to hers, and when I go to copy it, and it says: Can not Copy (insert song here): The disk is write protected. Remove the write protected or use another disk. Please help me. Thanks.

I just hooked mine up (same kind) and it works. So, could something be broken inside the other one.?

Nevermind - We figured it out. Thanks.

I recetnly bought 2 coby MP-C552 MP3 players for my kids. I am getting the same Can not Copy (insert song here): The disk is write protected message. The odd thing is that both of them do the same thing, on vista and xp (I have computers that run both, but my zen nano plus has no problem adding the same music. The tech support people say it will only add music that is not write protected (all my music is legal so I guess it doesn't like it). How did you fix your problem or do you know anything I can do to make the Coby MP3's think my music is not write protected, etc. ?