I want a portable reader with which I can read pdfs. That's all. I am a poor college student, so price is a huge factor. Help! Thanks in advance.

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Hope this helps.

Yeah, I looked over that before, but it was too broad. Yahoo Answers suggests the Lenmar Dell Axim X5, which is only 22 bucks on amazon! But who knows if that can be trusted?

What do you guys think? I posted here so that I could compare all three pages and select the optimal product.

Well I'm an idiot. That's only a recharger. Now you know how much help I need.

Damn, what happened to the Warriors?

I read my ebooks on my psp. It's simple and easy to use. I can read anywhere I want and whenever I have time. www.techspyer.com

I would not drop any serious scratch on a dedicated PDF viewer. Instead, why not get a cheap first generation iPod Touch (~120 bucks on CL), or a netbook (~200 if you wait for a deal)? Both options let you do something beyond just read PDFs.

Just get a cheap old windows 98 laptop off ebay, and install a small linux distro, or strip down '98, and install a lightwieght pdf reader viewer software. I myself use both this and my hacked psp to read pdf's.

IPAD with GoodReader app. That is the best portable PDF reader combo. I've tried all the other ebook readers and they're all crap.

PSP glitches a lot when used as a .pdf reader. I would just suggest to use a cheap android phone. Touchscreen+not bad cpu - will be just what you are looking for.

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